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What I do is the most autobiographical way for me to express myself, my thoughts and experiences. I think it's also the most difficult way for me to process 'everything' as well. Every idea has roots in something intangible. A thought, memory, something seen, words heard that can't be forgotten. Some easily dispose of these contrasts in everyday life. I tend to hold onto it a bit longer. Eventually being part of what I create with my camera, print, writings and (recently) the brush. The size, shade, color, lens or perspective...Maybe you see it as well.


For there own reasons I never took part in a traditional educational setting that concentrated on Art, Photograph, Art History, etc. Except for my exposure to it all in high school.  Remember the first time your eyes adjusted to a darkroom? Fortunately there were helpful instructors early on and great friendships and influences along the way. While a camera always seemed to click with me, some lessons were learned the hard way. Some things I still don't understand..


Around a camera since 14 I found a path of my own. Always learning as I  go. Never forgetting the process and original thought of what started me on my way.


Recently the path has included other forms of art, including painting, combining writing with my photographs, visual installations and other collaborations with local artist and organizations.


As a native of Northeast PA I've seen it well traveling more near than far. Through my art - I enjoy sharing my view of the local landscape and local events.


Among the tools I enjoy working with are, Nikon digital equipment, 120 and 220 medium, a good solid tripod and MACs.


I hope you enjoy my work and ideas. Please contact me if you have  a question, want to collaborate / share an idea or just say hello.


                                                                        ~ Johnathan




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